How to make Online Tax Payments in AJK?

Tired of waiting in bank queues to pay your taxes in AJK? Rejoice! The AJK Inland Revenue Department has embraced technology, offering a convenient and secure e-Challan system through the PRAL platform. Now, you can pay your taxes anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your home or office.

What is an e-Challan?

An e-Challan, also known as a PSID (Payment Slip ID), is an electronic payment slip generated through the AJK e-payment portal. This slip contains all the necessary information for you to pay your taxes online or at any bank branch.

How to Use the AJK E-Challan System:

  1. Visit the AJK Inland Revenue Department website (Link available on main page)
  2. Click on “E-Payment”: This will redirect you to the PRAL e-payment portal.
  3. Enter your details:
    • Payment details: Select the tax year, month, and type of tax you’re paying.
    • Taxpayer details: Enter your CNIC or NTN (whichever is applicable).
    • Amount: Enter the tax amount you need to pay.
  4. Generate e-Challan: Click the “Generate PSID” button.
  5. Receive CPR: You’ll receive a CPR (Computerized Payment Receipt) via email upon successful payment.

Payment Options:

  • Online: Use your debit/credit card or internet banking to pay directly through the PRAL portal.
  • Bank Branch: Print your e-Challan and visit any bank branch for payment.

Benefits of E-Challan:

  • Convenience: Pay taxes anytime, anywhere, without waiting in lines.
  • Security: Secure online payment system ensures your financial information remains protected.
  • Efficiency: Instant payment processing and confirmation.
  • Transparency: E-Challan and CPR provide clear records of your tax payments.


  • This information is for general awareness only. Consult a tax advisor for specific guidance related to your situation.
  • Keep your PRAL login credentials confidential.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection for online payments.

By embracing the e-Challan system, you can save time and effort while fulfilling your tax obligations in AJK. So, ditch the queues and pay your taxes online today!

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