Unveiling FBR’s Malomaat Portal

Your Financial Footprint is Bare: Unveiling FBR’s Malomaat Portal:

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is committed to transparency and accountability, and their Malomaat portal is a powerful tool for achieving this. Let’s explore this citizen-centric initiative and discover how it impacts you.

What is Malomaat?

Malomaat is your window into the financial information FBR holds about you. It acts as a one-stop portal where you can easily access and review data related to:

  • Withholding taxes: See how much tax has been deducted at source by different entities.
  • Vehicles: View records of registered vehicles under your name.
  • Properties: Access details of registered properties you own.
  • Frequent travelling: Track your travel history as captured by immigration records.
  • Financial transactions: Monitor both debit and credit card transactions linked to you.
  • Educational expenses: Gain insights into educational expenditure records submitted for tax purposes.

Benefits of Enrolling:

Malomaat serves as an invaluable tool for both registered and unregistered individuals. By enrolling, you can:

  • Verify information: Confirm the accuracy of data FBR holds about you.
  • Identify discrepancies: Spot any anomalies or potential errors in your financial footprint.
  • Compliance support: Gain a better understanding of your tax obligations and ensure compliance.
  • Peace of mind: Enjoy transparency and a clear picture of your financial standing with the FBR.

Third-Party Data & Expansion Plans:

Malomaat utilizes both internal FBR data (tax statements, declarations, e-payment records) and external data sources from various departments and organizations. This ongoing data integration will gradually expand the portal’s scope, offering a more comprehensive financial overview.

Transparency and Accountability:

Malomaat underscores FBR’s commitment to a more transparent tax system. It empowers citizens to actively participate and ensure responsible financial conduct. Remember, staying out of sight is no longer an option. It’s time to fulfill your national obligation and embrace transparency by joining the tax roll.

Call to Action:

Visit the Malomaat portal today and unlock your financial footprint. Enroll through the simple process outlined on the homepage and take control of your tax information. FBR is committed to bringing all citizens under the tax umbrella, and Malomaat serves as a powerful tool to facilitate this journey.

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