Simplify Trade by Enrolling in the PSW System – A Step by Step Guide

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) Enrollment Benefits

The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) aims to streamline cross-border trade by creating a one-stop platform for businesses. This regulation outlines the process for registering and using the PSW system.

Who Needs to Enroll?

  • Businesses involved in import, export, or transit of goods (individuals, companies, partnerships)
  • Government organizations
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Foreign businesses engaged in trade with Pakistan
  • Service providers related to trade (customs agents, shipping agents, etc.)

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Pakistani Individuals/Companies:

    • Valid National Tax Number (NTN) or Free Tax Number (FTN)
    • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
    • Mobile number registered with CNIC
    • Email address
  • Foreign Individuals/Companies:

    • No CNIC, mobile number, or email verification required
    • May require verification of banking information

Enrollment Process:

  1. Visit the PSW portal.
  2. Enter your NTN, FTN, or CNIC (depending on your category).
  3. Provide additional details as prompted (company registration number, etc.).
  4. Pay the non-refundable subscription fee.
  5. Verify your information through a one-time password (OTP) sent to your email and phone.
  6. Complete biometric verification (for Pakistani nationals) at an NADRA e-Sahulat center (if applicable).
  7. The PSW system will issue a unique User ID (UID) and password upon successful completion.

Benefits of PSW Enrollment:

  • Simplified trade procedures: One-stop platform for all trade-related activities.
  • Faster processing times: Reduced paperwork and manual verification.
  • Improved transparency: Real-time tracking of trade transactions.
  • Reduced costs: Elimination of unnecessary fees and delays.

Additional Notes:

  • The validity period of the UID needs to be renewed periodically.
  • The PSW system allows creating additional user IDs for managing workloads.
  • You can update your information electronically within the system (subject to fees).

In essence, the PSW system is like a digital trade passport that simplifies cross-border transactions for businesses and organizations in Pakistan.

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