How to Check Online NTN Verification by CNIC in Pakistan

The National Tax Number (NTN) is a crucial document for individuals and businesses in Pakistan to conduct legal financial activities. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issues the NTN number to taxpayers, which is linked with their CNIC number. If you want to check your NTN number online through your CNIC number, follow the simple method given below:

  1. Open the website of FBR
  2. Click on the “Search Taxpayers” tab.
  3. Click on the “NTN Inquiry” tab.
  4. To check NTN number in Pakistan, click on the “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry” option from the left sidebar.
  5. Select your relevant option from the drop-down.
  6. Provide your “Registration No” in the registration field. (Number Provided by FBR while taxpayer’s registration of National Taxation Number (NTN).
  7. Provide your “CNIC” in the CNIC field.
  8. Provide captcha against the “Captcha” field.
  9. After providing all the information, click the “Submit” button.
  10. You will get all the details of the taxpayer.
  11. The Reference number is the taxpayer’s NTN number.

NTN holders have the main duty to file their annual income tax returns within the due dates with the Federal Board of Revenue. The last date of return filing for individuals having NTN is 30th September of every year, and in the case of companies, it is the end of September and December, depending on the year-end of the company.

In Pakistan, there are three types of online NTN:

  1. Personal NTN: FBR issues this type of NTN on the CNIC of the person. You can check it through FBR’s online NTN verification system. FBR issues this to both salaried individuals and business individuals. Furthermore, after registering for NTN, the taxpayer may add Sole proprietor business in the FBR profile separately.
  2. Association of individuals (AOP) / Partnership: This kind of online NTN is provided to the affiliation of individuals. The affiliation of individuals is the partnership between partners of at least two. You can check it by online NTN Inquiry.
  3. Company’s NTN: This type of online NTN is issued to the company. You can check Company NTN on the FBR portal by entering Incorporation/Company Registration No issued by SECP at the time of company registration.

In conclusion, checking online NTN verification by CNIC is a simple and convenient process for taxpayers in Pakistan. FBR’s online portal provides all the necessary details of taxpayers, making it easier for them to file their returns on time. Keep your NTN number and CNIC number safe to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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