PRA Tightens Grip on Tax Collection with Monitoring Teams

The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) is stepping up efforts to ensure timely tax collection from public sector projects in Lahore.

Increased Scrutiny:

  • A new monitoring plan has been implemented by the PRA’s Lahore office.
  • This plan involves assigning enforcement teams to oversee over 170 major development projects within the Lahore division.

Focus Areas:

  • The enforcement teams will monitor both Punjab government and federal offices.
  • Their primary task is to ensure timely payment of Punjab Sales Tax on these projects.
  • Additionally, they will work towards raising awareness about withholding tax rules and Punjab Sales Tax on Services.

Dedicated Resources:

  • The PRA has allocated approximately 20 officers specifically for this monitoring initiative.

Overall Goal:

  • This enhanced enforcement aims to improve tax compliance within the public sector and ensure that crucial development projects contribute their fair share of revenue.

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