FBR Records Nearly 5 Million Active Taxpayers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has achieved a significant milestone with nearly 5 million active taxpayers registered for the 2023 tax year (as of July 7, 2024). This represents a substantial increase from the initial 3.35 million active taxpayers recorded in March 2024.

Key Drivers of the Increase:

  • Strategic Initiatives: The FBR credits a series of initiatives for this growth, including measures to improve tax compliance.
  • Targeting Non-Filers: An aggressive campaign targeting non-filers, including the threat to block mobile phone SIM cards of those who fail to file returns, has proven effective.
  • SIM Card Blocking Order: The issuance of Income Tax General Order No. 1 in April 2024, mandating telecom companies to block SIM cards of non-compliant individuals, significantly impacted over half a million non-filers.

Benefits of Compliance:

  • Avoiding SIM Card Blockage: Being on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL) ensures continued mobile phone service.
  • Reduced Tax Rates: Individuals on the ATL qualify for lower tax rates on financial transactions.

Challenges and Future Focus:

  • Expanding Tax Base: Despite the progress, challenges remain in achieving comprehensive tax coverage for Pakistan’s large population.
  • FBR’s Continued Efforts: The FBR is committed to raising awareness, streamlining procedures, and improving digital tax infrastructure to facilitate easier compliance.
  • Fostering Compliance Culture: Proactive measures are crucial to build a robust compliance environment for Pakistan’s long-term economic stability.

Transparency and Public Trust:

  • The publicly accessible ATL promotes transparency and citizen participation in the tax system.
  • A fair taxation system where compliance offers benefits builds trust and encourages further participation.

Overall Significance:

The surge in active taxpayers reflects Pakistan’s progress in tax compliance. Strategic policies and regulations are driving growth in the tax base and ensuring fiscal discipline within the country’s economy.

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