FBR Recognizes First Traders in Tajir Dost Scheme

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has begun acknowledging traders who enrolled in the new Tajir Dost Scheme. This initiative aims to formalize the informal economy and encourage tax compliance among small businesses.

FBR Honors Pioneering Participants

The Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi, a key branch of the FBR, held a ceremony to commend the first four traders to register under the scheme. Ms. Tehmina Aamer, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, personally awarded them certificates and praised their proactive participation. These initial enrollees are seen as role models who will inspire others to join the program.

Scheme Promotes Transparency and Growth

The Tajir Dost Scheme represents a significant step towards a more transparent and accountable business environment in Pakistan. By incentivizing tax compliance, the FBR aims to broaden the tax base, increase revenue collection, and ultimately foster economic growth. The initiative benefits not only individual traders but also contributes to the nation’s overall prosperity and stability.

FBR Expands Scheme and Collaborates

The FBR plans to expand the Tajir Dost Scheme’s reach to encompass more traders nationwide. They will achieve this through continued collaboration with stakeholders and the implementation of effective strategies. The ultimate goal is to create a supportive environment where businesses can flourish while fulfilling their tax obligations.

Positive Step for Pakistan’s Economy

The recognition of these pioneering traders signifies a positive development for Pakistan’s business landscape. It reflects the combined efforts of the FBR and the business community in building a stronger and more resilient economy.

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