Unveiling the FBR’s Malomaat Portal – Your Tax Data with Revenue Department

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of Pakistan is taking transparency to the next level with its Malomaat portal. This one-stop online resource empowers citizens to access information about their tax profile and encourages responsible tax compliance.

What is Malomaat?

Malomaat, which translates to “information” in Urdu, is a dedicated section on the FBR website. Here, both registered taxpayers can find valuable insights into their tax data.

Data Sources:

The information displayed on Malomaat is compiled from two primary sources:

  • Third-Party Data: This includes information obtained from various institutions involved in financial transactions, such as banks, property registries, and travel agencies.
  • FBR’s Internal Data: This encompasses data provided by taxpayers themselves through tax returns, income statements, and withholding tax information collected electronically.

Information at Your Fingertips

The Malomaat portal categorizes data under various headings for easy navigation. Currently accessible information includes:

  • Withholding Tax Data: This section details any taxes withheld by employers or other sources before your income reaches you.
  • Vehicle Information: Details regarding any registered vehicles you own will be displayed here.
  • Property Information: This section showcases any properties registered in your name.
  • Travel History: Frequent travel patterns might be reflected here, based on travel agency data.
  • Financial Transactions: Details of your debit and credit card transactions might be displayed.
  • Educational Expenses: Any educational expenses declared in tax filings could be reflected here.

The FBR highlights that more data categories will be added as they integrate their data warehouse with other government departments involved in major financial transactions.

Benefits of Enrolling

While some basic information is accessible to everyone, registering on the Malomaat portal offers additional benefits:

  • Detailed Information: Registered taxpayers can access a more comprehensive view of their tax data through their existing IRIS login.
  • Data Comparison: Registered users can compare the information displayed on Malomaat with their tax return filings, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Transparency and Increased Tax Compliance

The Malomaat portal serves a dual purpose:

  • Transparency: By providing citizens access to their tax data, the FBR fosters trust and builds a more transparent tax system.
  • Increased Tax Compliance: Knowing the FBR has a clear view of their financial activities motivates citizens to comply with tax regulations and file returns accurately.

Fulfilling Your National Duty

The FBR emphasizes that paying taxes is a fundamental national obligation. The Malomaat portal serves as a reminder of this responsibility while encouraging transparent business practices.

Taking Action

All Pakistani citizens are encouraged to visit the Malomaat portal and explore its features. Registering for an account unlocks additional functionalities and empowers you to take control of your tax profile.

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