The Balochistan Revenue Authority What You Need to Know

Establishment and Purpose:

The Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA), established in 2015, serves as a vital entity responsible for tax collection and administration within the province of Balochistan. Operating as an autonomous “Body Corporate,” the BRA plays a crucial role in ensuring the government receives its fair share of taxes from economic activities.

Data Management and Analysis:

The BRA maintains a comprehensive database of all registered taxpayers, including their business details, tax payments, and other relevant information. This data, along with information from third parties, helps broaden the tax base, facilitate financial analysis, and enable proper economic assessments, audits, and detection of tax evasion.

Technological Advancements:

The BRA leverages technology to streamline its operations. This includes automated taxpayer registration, e-filing of tax returns, generation of electronic statements for payments, and a fully computerized Management Information System (MIS).

Regulatory Framework:

The BRA has the authority to issue various notifications, orders, and instructions to enforce the relevant Act, Rules, and Regulations. This ensures adherence to established tax laws and promotes fair and consistent enforcement.

Balancing Enforcement and Facilitation:

The BRA strives to maintain a balance between strict tax enforcement and facilitating taxpayer compliance. They engage with stakeholders and promote good governance through transparency and open communication.

Sales Tax on Services:

The BRA’s sales tax on services system adheres to principles of self-assessment and self-compliance. This promotes taxpayer responsibility and reduces administrative burdens.

Modernization and Professionalism:

The BRA is committed to developing a robust and responsive tax management system. They prioritize professional capacity and integrity, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.

IT Support and Infrastructure:

During its initial phase, the BRA partnered with Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) for IT support. Tax collection for sales tax on services occurs through designated National Bank of Pakistan branches, where PRAL provides infrastructure and technical assistance to taxpayers. Ultimately, the BRA aims to develop its own IT capacity to serve taxpayers independently.


The Balochistan Revenue Authority plays a critical role in ensuring financial stability and fair economic activity within the province. Their commitment to data-driven analysis, technological advancements, and a balanced approach to tax enforcement positions them as a key player in Balochistan’s development.

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