Requirements for Unregistering from BRA Sales Tax

Navigating the complexities of sales tax registration can be a challenge, but so can unregistering when needed. If you’re operating in Balochistan and considering deregistering from the Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA) under the BRA Sales Tax Act, 2015, this guide is for you!

Why Unregister?

Several valid reasons might prompt you to deregister:

  • Ceasing Business: If you’re permanently shutting down your business activities in Balochistan.
  • Exempt Supplies: If your supplies are now exempt from sales tax.
  • Below Threshold Limit: If your annual turnover falls below the BRA-specified threshold for mandatory registration.

Requirements for Unregistering:

While the provided excerpt doesn’t explicitly mention specific requirements, based on general tax principles and BRA practices, here’s what you likely need:

  • Application: Submit a formal application to the Commissioner, BRA, outlining the reason for deregistration.
  • Supporting Documents: Attach relevant documentation supporting your claim (e.g., business closure certificate, exemption certificates, financial statements).
  • Tax Clearance: Ensure you’ve cleared all outstanding tax liabilities, including returns, assessments, and penalties.
  • Final Return: File a final sales tax return covering your taxable period up to the date of deregistration.

Additional Points to Consider:

  • Timeframe: Allow ample time for processing, as the BRA may require further information or verification.
  • Professional Guidance: Consult a tax advisor for personalized advice and assistance, especially in complex situations.
  • Obligations Remain: Deregistration doesn’t absolve you from past tax liabilities or penalties.

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