Pakistan Eases Registration for Retailers in “Tajir Dost” Scheme

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has addressed concerns from retailers and shopkeepers regarding the Tajir Dost Scheme, a government initiative to integrate them into the tax system.

Key Points:

  • A committee formed: Representatives from the FBR, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Commerce will work to resolve registration issues.
  • Business community concerns: Technical and legal hurdles, along with anxieties about tax payments, have discouraged participation.
  • Addressing tax concerns: The government aims to tax high-income earners and potential taxpayers, while also working with businesses.
  • Committee proposed: Finance, Commerce, and Revenue Division secretaries will specifically tackle tax payment issues faced by retailers.
  • Business community’s perspective: Naeem Mir, representing the business community, highlighted challenges faced by traders and expressed support for government efforts to improve the business environment.
  • Registration push: The Tajir Dost App is designed to simplify registration, but so far, only 75 retailers have signed up. Finance Minister continues to urge broader participation.

Looking Ahead:

  • A meeting between the Chief Coordinator and relevant secretaries is expected next week to further streamline registration.
  • The government hopes to increase participation in the Tajir Dost Scheme, aiming to register 3 million retailers and shopkeepers nationwide.

The initiative highlights Pakistan’s efforts to expand its tax base and create a more formalized business environment for retailers.

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