Maximize Tax Savings: Optimizing Input Tax Adjustments for Mixed Sales

Are you running a business with both taxable and exempt sales? Do you struggle with maximizing input tax adjustments and saving money? This article unveils a clever strategy to optimize your tax savings.

Setting the Stage: Understanding Taxable and Exempt Sales

  • Taxable Sales: Sales subject to sales tax, where you collect tax from the customer and pay it to the government.
  • Exempt Sales: Sales not subject to sales tax, where you don’t collect or pay tax.

Input Tax and Adjustments:

  • Input Tax: Tax you pay on purchases related to your business operations.
  • Input Tax Adjustments: Claiming a portion of your input tax against the tax you owe on your taxable sales.

The Trick: Proportionate Allocation of Input Tax

The key lies in effectively allocating your input tax based on its usage in taxable and exempt sales. Here’s how:


  • Monthly input tax: Rs.1 lakh
  • Taxable sales: Rs.1 lakh
  • Exempt sales: Rs.1 lakh

Traditional Approach (Incorrect):

  • Directly apply the input tax (Rs.1 lakh) against the taxable sales tax.
  • Potential loss: 50% of input tax cannot be claimed due to exempt sales.

Optimized Approach (Correct):

  1. Identify Usage: Divide input tax based on its use (direct claim and common use).

    • Direct Claim: Input directly used for taxable sales (e.g., materials).
    • Common Use: Input used for both taxable and exempt sales (e.g., utilities).
  2. Calculate Direct Claim Portion: Assuming 50% input is directly used:

    • Direct claim portion = Rs.1 lakh * 50% = Rs.50,000
  3. Calculate Non-Claimable Portion:

    • Non-claimable portion = Rs.1 lakh – Rs.50,000 = Rs.50,000
  4. Calculate Effective Working Proportion:

    • Effective working proportion = (Taxable sales) / (Total sales)
    • In this example: (Rs.1 lakh) / (Rs.2 lakh) = 50%
  5. Adjust Non-Claimable Portion:

    • Adjusted non-claimable portion = Rs.50,000 * 50% = Rs.25,000
  6. Calculate Claimable Input Tax:

    • Claimable input tax = Rs.1 lakh – Rs.25,000 = Rs.75,000


  • Claim a higher portion of input tax against taxable sales.
  • Reduce tax liability and save money.


  • Maintain detailed records of material usage for accurate allocation.
  • Utilize accounting software with features for input tax allocation and tracking.


  • This strategy applies only to businesses with both taxable and exempt sales.

By following these steps, you can optimize your input tax adjustments and maximize tax savings in your business. Don’t let your hard-earned money vanish in avoidable taxes!

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