How to Claim Input Tax Deductions in SRB

Are you a business owner in Sindh paying sales tax on services? Good news! You can deduct the tax you pay on certain purchases from your final tax liability. This article explains how input tax deductions work and how to claim them under the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011.

What are Input Tax Deductions?

Input tax deductions allow businesses to reduce their tax burden by claiming back the sales tax they paid on goods and services used to provide taxable services. This helps ensure that businesses are only taxed on the value they add, not the tax they paid on inputs.

Who can Claim Input Tax Deductions?

Any business registered under the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011, can claim input tax deductions.

What are the Conditions?

  • You must hold a valid tax invoice or declaration of import not older than six tax periods.
  • The invoice must show the amount of tax paid under the Act on the services received.
  • The purchased goods or services must be exclusively used in providing taxable services.
  • The deduction may be restricted or disallowed for specific services or goods

Additional Points to Remember:

  • You may be able to claim input tax deductions even if the tax was paid under another law, subject to certain conditions.
  • The amount of input tax you can deduct excludes any additional taxes, penalties, or fees.
  • The Sindh Revenue Authority has the power to issue notifications allowing specific deductions with conditions.

Benefits of Claiming Input Tax Deductions:

  • Reduces your overall tax liability.
  • Promotes fairer taxation by focusing on the value you add.
  • Encourages efficient business practices.


  • Maintain proper records of your purchases and invoices.
  • Understand the relevant sections and rules of the Act.
  • Seek professional advice if needed.

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