How to Check Your Active Taxpayer Status in Punjab Revenue Authority

Operating a business in Punjab and subject to Sales Tax on Services? Maintaining an active taxpayer status is crucial for compliance with the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012. Here’s a guide to easily checking your status using the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) website:

1. Visit the PRA Website:

Head to the official website of the Punjab Revenue Authority:

2. Access “Search Taxpayer” Section:

Locate the “Search Taxpayer” section on the homepage or use the search bar to find it.

3. Select “Active Taxpayer List”:

From the dropdown menu available within “Search Taxpayer,” choose “Active Taxpayer List.”

4. Enter Your Details:

To proceed, provide your CNIC, National Tax Number (NTN) or Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN). Select the relevant ID and enter it accurately.

5. Click “Search”:

Once you’ve entered your identification number, click the “Search” button.

6. Check Your Status:

The search results will display your business name, registration details, and current Active Taxpayer status. Look for clear confirmation as “Active” or “Inactive.”

Additional Options:

  • The PRA website also allows downloading the entire Active Taxpayer List (ATL) as a file for your reference.
  • This method is available for both taxpayers and withholding agents to verify their active status.

Staying Informed:

  • Regularly checking your Active Taxpayer status helps ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.
  • The PRA website offers contact information for its helpline and support services if you encounter any issues or require further clarification.

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