How to Check Your Active Taxpayer Status in PRA

Operating a business in Punjab and providing taxable services? Verifying your Active Taxpayer status is crucial for complying with the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012 (PST Act). Here’s a simple guide to checking your status using the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) website:

1. Visit the PRA Website:

Head over to official website of the PRA.

2. Access “Search Taxpayer” Section:

Look for the “Search Taxpayer” section on the homepage or locate it using the website’s search bar.

3. Select “Active Taxpayer List”:

From the dropdown menu within the “Search Taxpayer” section, choose “Active Taxpayer List.”

4. Enter Your Details:

On the “Active Taxpayer List” page, you’ll need to enter either your CNIC, National Tax Number (NTN) or Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN). Select the one you possess and type it accurately.

5. Click “Search”:

Once you’ve entered your identification number, click the “Search” button.

6. Check Your Status:

The search results will display your name, registration details, and your current Active Taxpayer status. It will clearly state whether you are listed as “Active” or “Inactive.”

Additional Options:

  • Download the ATL List: You can also download the entire Active Taxpayer List as a file for future reference.
  • Eligibility: Both taxpayers and withholding agents can utilize this method to check their Active Taxpayer status.
  • Regularly checking your Active Taxpayer status ensures you remain compliant with the PST Act and avoid potential penalties.

By following these steps, you can easily check your Active Taxpayer status in Punjab and contribute to a transparent and efficient tax system.

Disclaimer: This information is for general awareness only and should not be considered professional tax advice. Please consult with qualified professionals for specific guidance and assistance regarding your situation.

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