Getting Your Withholding Tax Certificate from Bank AL Habib in Minutes

Ever needed a Withholding Tax (WHT) certificate from Bank AL Habib but dreaded the hassle? Well, fret no more! Here’s a quick and easy guide to obtaining your WHT certificate directly through their online banking platform.

What You’ll Need:

  • Access to Bank AL Habib Netbanking or AL Habib MOBILE app (already registered)
  • A functioning internet connection

Steps to Download Your WHT Certificate:

  1. Log in: Open the Bank AL Habib Netbanking website ( or launch the AL Habib MOBILE app and sign in using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Certificates: Once logged in, locate the “Wht Certificate” section within the Netbanking or Mobile app interface.

  3. Select “Withholding Tax/Balance Certificate”: Within the “Certificates” section, look for an option labeled “Withholding Tax/Balance Certificate” (or similar wording) and select it.

  4. Request and Download: The system will likely initiate a request for your WHT certificate. You might receive a confirmation message or be prompted to download the certificate directly.

  5. Voila! Within 30 minutes, your WHT certificate should be delivered to your registered email address. You can also potentially download it directly from the Netbanking/Mobile app interface, depending on the system’s design.


  • Ensure you’re logged in to your registered account on Netbanking or the Mobile app.
  • Double-check your registered email address for accurate delivery of the certificate.

Benefits of Online Access:

  • Convenience: Get your WHT certificate anytime, anywhere, without visiting a branch.
  • Speed: Receive your certificate within minutes, eliminating waiting times.
  • Security: Access your documents through a secure online platform.

Still Need Help?

If you encounter any difficulties while requesting your WHT certificate online, you can always contact Bank AL Habib’s customer support for assistance.

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