FBR to Block Phones, Consider Power Cuts for Non-Filers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is preparing a multi-pronged attack on tax evasion, with non-filers facing the brunt of several harsh measures in the near future. Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming crackdown:

Mobile Phone Blockade: Brace yourselves, non-filers! Sources reveal that mobile SIM cards and phones might be blocked as part of FBR’s enforcement strategy. An official Income Tax General Order outlining these measures is expected by January 15th 2024. This move aims to disrupt communication channels and potentially incentivize compliance through inconvenience.

Power Cut Threat: While plans to disconnect electricity connections of non-filers are in the works, the FBR acknowledges challenges. Lack of comprehensive data on non-filers’ electricity connections and potential legal hurdles are prompting cautious consideration. Despite the obstacles, the intention to explore this approach signals FBR’s determination to pressure compliance.

Tax Collection Milestone: Despite the ongoing campaign against non-filers, FBR achieved a remarkable feat. December 2023 saw a historical high of Rs. 1,021 billion in tax collection, exceeding both monthly and half-year targets for the current financial year. This success story fuels FBR’s confidence in its intensified enforcement efforts.

Impact and Implications:

These measures are bound to raise concerns. Critics might argue that blocking mobile access or cutting electricity could disproportionately impact vulnerable individuals caught in the net of non-filers. However, supporters see these strategies as necessary to tackle the widespread issue of tax evasion and broaden the tax base, ultimately contributing to increased revenue and resource allocation for public services.

The Road Ahead:

FBR’s upcoming Income Tax General Order on January 15th will offer more concrete details about the non-filer crackdown. It remains to be seen how effectively these measures will be implemented and what impact they will have on both tax compliance and individual rights. One thing is certain: FBR is serious about tackling tax evasion, and non-filers should brace themselves for increased scrutiny and potential consequences in the coming months.


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