FBR SWAPS System for Withholding Tax Collection & Fines on Non-Compliance

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a new system called Synchronized Withholding Administration and Payment System (SWAPS). This initiative aims to improve efficiency and transparency in collecting withholding tax on digital transactions.

Who are SWAPS Agents?

The term “SWAPS agent” refers to any person or group identified by the FBR through official notification. These agents will be responsible for collecting or deducting withholding taxes through the SWAPS system. This could include online payment platforms, facilitators, or any entity processing digital payments for goods and services.

Key Features of SWAPS:

  • Mandatory Integration: The FBR can notify specific entities to integrate their systems with SWAPS. This integration ensures all transactions are processed through the SWAPS platform.
  • Digital Invoices and Receipts: SWAPS mandates the use of digital invoices generated from the FBR system for every transaction. Additionally, a SWAPS Payment Receipt (SPR) will be issued as proof of payment and tax deduction.
  • Streamlined Tax Payment: Taxes collected or deducted by SWAPS agents and credited electronically to the Commissioner will be considered paid under relevant tax laws. The SPR replaces the previously used Computerized Payment Receipts (CPRs) for tax purposes.

Benefits of SWAPS:

  • Enhanced Tax Collection: SWAPS offers a centralized system for monitoring and tracking digital transactions, potentially leading to increased tax collection efficiency.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Digital invoices and receipts ensure clear records of transactions and tax deductions for both businesses and taxpayers.
  • Simplified Compliance: The SWAPS system simplifies tax compliance for SWAPS agents by providing a single platform for tax collection and documentation.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

The law outlines penalties for entities who fail to integrate with SWAPS after receiving notification from the FBR. These penalties are progressive, starting at Rs. 50,000 for the first week of non-compliance and escalating for subsequent defaults. However, the Commissioner has the authority to grant extensions for integration upon request.

Impact on Taxpayers:

Taxpayers who make digital payments through SWAPS agents will receive SPRs as proof of tax withholding. These receipts can be used to claim tax credits as allowed under the law.


The SWAPS system represents a significant step towards modernizing tax administration in Pakistan. By focusing on digitalization and transparency in collecting withholding tax on digital payments, SWAPS aims to improve tax compliance and potentially generate additional revenue for the government. Businesses that anticipate being notified as SWAPS agents should closely monitor FBR communications and ensure timely integration with the SWAPS system to avoid penalties and ensure smooth tax compliance.

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