Telcos Agree on SIM Blockage for Non-Tax Filers – Begins in Phases

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reached an agreement with telecom operators to block SIM cards of individuals who haven’t filed their income tax returns for tax year 2023.

Key Points:

  • Phased Blocking: Telecom companies will initiate a manual blocking process in batches until their systems are automated.
  • First Batch Targeted: The initial phase involves blocking 5,000 non-filer SIMs, with subsequent batches to follow daily.
  • Communication with Non-Filers: Telecom operators are sending notification messages to non-filers regarding potential SIM blockage.
  • Collaboration for Tax Compliance: The FBR commends the cooperation of stakeholders and emphasizes the importance of continued collaboration to improve tax collection in Pakistan.

What This Means:

This initiative aims to encourage tax compliance by potentially hindering mobile phone use for non-filers who haven’t fulfilled their tax obligations. The phased approach allows for a smoother implementation while notifying individuals about the potential consequences of non-filing.

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