Tax on Owning Empty Land or Buildings (7 E) in Balochistan Declared Illegal

Property owners in Balochistan have some good news! A recent court ruling has struck down a tax on vacant land and buildings. This tax was based on an estimated income the government assumed you earned from owning the property, even if it wasn’t rented out or generating any actual income.

Good News for Property Owners:

  • Section 7E is Cancelled: The tax on immovable property based on “deemed income” (introduced in 2022) is no longer valid. This means you potentially don’t have to pay this tax anymore.
  • Retroactive Effect: The judgement applies from the beginning (void ab initio). So, if you paid this tax earlier, you might be eligible for a refund (depending on specific procedures).

Here’s what it means for you:

  • No More Tax on Just Owning Property: If you own land or a building in Balochistan that you aren’t renting out, you likely don’t owe this tax anymore.
  • Refunds Possible: The court ruling applies retroactively, meaning you might be able to get a refund for any tax you already paid on this basis. However, the specific process for claiming a refund might take some time to establish.

What to Do Now:

  • Talk to a Tax Advisor: While this is a positive development, consulting a tax professional familiar with the latest court decisions is recommended. They can advise you on the specifics of your situation and any potential refund options.
  • Stay Informed: This decision only affects Balochistan for now. Tax laws on property can differ in other provinces. Keep an eye out for updates on how this ruling might influence tax laws in your area.

Why This Matters:

This court decision is a win for taxpayers who felt unfairly burdened by a tax on property that wasn’t generating any income. It reinforces the idea that taxes should be based on actual economic activity, not just owning something.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Balochistan High Court decision means for taxpayers:

Important Points to Consider:

  • Limited to Balochistan: This decision only applies to the Balochistan province for now. Tax laws on property might differ in other provinces.
  • Potential for Refunds: While the judgement offers relief, the process for claiming refunds might take time. Consult a tax advisor for specific guidance.
  • Impact on Other Provinces: This ruling might influence similar tax laws in other provinces, but legal interpretations can vary.


  • This is a recent development, and the exact procedures for claiming refunds are still being figured out.
  • Tax laws can vary by province.

This is a significant win for property owners in Balochistan who were subject to the “deemed income” tax. The decision sets a precedent and strengthens the principle that taxes must be based on actual economic activity, not just property ownership. However, it’s important to stay updated on the specific procedures for claiming refunds and how this might affect tax laws in other provinces.

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