Registering Your Company for Sales Tax in Sindh: A Checklist of Required Documents

Operating a company in Sindh, Pakistan, requires compliance with various regulations, including Sales Tax registration with the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB). This article serves as a comprehensive guide for companies to understand the documents needed for this process.

Essential Documents:

  1. Company Identification:

    • Company NTN: Provide a copy of your company’s National Tax Number (NTN) issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).
    • Directors’/Members’ CNIC and NTN copies: Submit copies of the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and NTN of all directors or members of your company.
  2. Business Proof:

    • Electricity Bill: Present a recent (within 3 months) copy of your business electricity bill reflecting the registered business address.
    • Alternative Proof: If you lack a utility connection, have a shared bill, or self-generate electricity, submit an affidavit on stamp paper explaining the situation.
  3. Business Stationery:

    • Business Letterhead Pad: Provide a single page of your official business letterhead pad with a diagonal cross across it.
  4. Financial Documentation:

    • Bank Account Statement or Certificate: Choose one of the following:
      • Bank Account Statement: Submit a recent bank statement for your company’s business account.
      • Account Maintaining Certificate: Obtain a certificate from your bank confirming the existence of your company’s business account.
  5. Company Registration:

    • Incorporation Certificate: Provide a copy of your company’s incorporation certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
    • Form-29: Submit Form-29 (Particulars of Directors/Promoters) issued by SECP.
  6. Property Documents:

    • Ownership or Rental Proof: Show evidence of your business premises by providing either:
      • Ownership Deed: If you own the business premises.
      • Rent Agreement/Lease Deed: If you rent the business premises.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure all documents are clear, legible copies.
  • Verify the business address on the electricity bill matches your application.
  • If needed, obtain original CNIC and NTN of authorized persons for verification.
  • Keep copies of submitted documents for your records.
  • This information is for general awareness and may not cover all specific scenarios.
  • Consult a qualified tax advisor for personalized guidance and ensure compliance.

By preparing these documents and following the guidelines, you can streamline your company’s Sales Tax registration process in Sindh. Remember, timely compliance is crucial for avoiding penalties and ensuring smooth business operations.

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