Rawalpindi Cracks Down on Tax-Delinquent Manpower Recruitment Agency

The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has taken a strong stance against tax evasion in Rawalpindi. The Rawalpindi Commissionerate sealed the license of a manpower recruitment agency for failing to pay outstanding taxes exceeding Rs.3.3 million.

Key Points:

  • Delinquent Agency: A manpower recruitment agency operating in a commercial market of Rawalpindi had accumulated significant tax dues.
  • Repeated Attempts at Recovery: The PRA Commissionerate issued multiple recovery notices to the agency in an attempt to collect the outstanding taxes.
  • Enforcement Action: Despite repeated notices, the agency failed to settle its tax dues. Consequently, the PRA sealed the agency’s office and initiated recovery efforts.
  • Partial Recovery: Through enforcement action, the PRA managed to recover Rs.2.5 million from the delinquent agency.

Significance of the Action:

This incident highlights the PRA’s commitment to enforcing tax collection and tackling tax evasion in Rawalpindi. It serves as a warning to other businesses that non-compliance with tax obligations will be met with strict consequences.

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