Pakistan Cabinet Makes Key Decisions: Solar Panels Remain Duty-Free

The Pakistani federal cabinet, led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, convened on Tuesday and addressed various critical issues impacting the nation. Here’s a summary of the key decisions:

  • Solar Power Gains Traction: In a positive move for renewable energy, the cabinet decided against imposing a new duty on solar panels. This ensures affordability and accessibility of solar energy for everyday citizens. This decision comes after previous discussions about potentially taxing solar panels.
  • PIA Privatization Update: The cabinet provided an update on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) privatization process. Bidding is scheduled for the first week of August, with an emphasis on transparency throughout the process.
  • Economic Growth Focus: The government outlined its plans to boost the economy by promoting small and medium-sized industries and increasing domestic exports. This strategy aims to prioritize economic security and equitable development opportunities for all citizens.
  • Humanitarian Aid: On humanitarian grounds, the cabinet approved the transit of a container carrying truck parts from Karachi to Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Strengthening Religious Ties: A memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance was approved.
  • Appointments and Reports: The cabinet appointed the Executive Director of the Frequency Allocation Board and endorsed the National Economic Council’s annual report for fiscal year 2022-23 for presentation in Parliament.
  • Committee Decisions Ratified: Decisions made by the Economic Coordination Committee, Cabinet Committee on Legislative Cases, and Cabinet Committee on State-Owned Enterprises on recent dates were approved.
  • Parliamentary Attendance: The Prime Minister stressed the importance of ministers being present in Parliament during the upcoming Budget 2024-25 debate.

Following Developments:

It’s recommended to follow official government channels or credible news sources for further updates on the progress of these initiatives and the upcoming budget debate.

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