Over 7,000 Get Mobile SIMs Back After Filing Tax Returns

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan has restored mobile service to over 7,000 individuals whose SIM cards were blocked for not filing income tax returns.

Why Were SIMs Blocked?

In a bid to improve tax compliance, the FBR earlier issued an Income Tax General Order (ITGO) to telecom companies. This order directed them to block the SIM cards of individuals who are not registered on the active taxpayer list but are liable to file tax returns. The FBR identified over 500,000 such individuals.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked:

If you haven’t filed your income tax return and are liable to do so, you can avoid getting your SIM card blocked by filing your return as soon as possible.

What if Your SIM is Still Blocked?

If you believe your SIM was blocked in error or you have recently filed your return, wait out for 24-48 hours before activation. Email FBR helpline if the problem persists or visit nearest Tax Office.

Staying Compliant:

Filing your income tax return is not only a legal obligation but also contributes to the development of the country. The FBR is actively encouraging tax compliance, and similar actions might be taken in the future. Make sure to stay updated on tax filing requirements and deadlines to avoid any inconvenience.

Current Situation:

The FBR has shared data for 65,000 non-filers with telecom companies. It’s important to note that more SIM card blockages could occur in the future.

Looking Ahead:

The FBR’s initiative highlights the importance of tax compliance in Pakistan. While over 7,000 individuals have regained access to their mobile services, many more might still be facing blocked SIMs. This serves as a reminder to file your tax returns on time and stay compliant to avoid any disruptions.

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