New Sales Tax Rules: Mandatory Biometric Verification Every Year

This article explains recent changes to sales tax registration, including a new requirement for annual biometric verification.

Key Points:

  • Biometric Verification: All businesses registered for sales tax must undergo annual biometric verification in July.
  • Verification Process:
    • One-time verification is done at registration (Nadra Center).
    • Pre-verification happens at the time of registration.
    • Post-verification will be conducted annually in July (going forward).
    • Failure to verify could lead to return filing issues.
  • Purpose of Verification:
    • Control fake invoices and ensure proper tax collection.
    • Identify businesses manipulating the supply chain for tax evasion.
    • Create a more transparent and accountable business environment.

Additional Information:

  • Businesses must also submit their balance sheet by April 4th each year.
  • These new regulations are primarily targeted at businesses using fake invoices to avoid taxes.


  • Creates a fairer market environment for legitimate businesses.
  • Improves tax collection for the government.


Understanding these new rules is crucial for businesses registered for sales tax. Annual biometric verification is mandatory and neglecting it can lead to complications with tax filings. The overall aim is to create a more transparent and controlled business landscape.

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