New FBR Digital Invoicing Portal: Streamlined Licensing for IT Companies

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a digital invoicing system and a dedicated online portal to manage it. This article explains the purpose of the portal and who it applies to.

Key Points:

  • Digital Initiatives Portal: FBR launched a new tab named “Digital Initiatives Portal” on its website.
  • Purpose: This portal streamlines the licensing process for IT companies involved in Point-of-Sale (POS) and e-invoicing systems.
  • Who Needs a License:
    • IT companies installing and integrating POS or e-invoicing systems within Pakistan require a license.
    • This applies to companies working on behalf of businesses operating in Pakistan.


  • Companies had to manually apply and submit documents to FBR for permission to install POS or e-invoicing systems.

New Process:

  • IT companies can now submit online applications through the Digital Initiatives Portal.
  • The portal offers three tabs:
    • Application: Submit a new application with supporting documents.
    • Dashboard: Track the application status and view any objections from FBR.
    • Case Management: Respond to queries or clarifications from FBR regarding the application.


  • This new portal simplifies the licensing process for IT companies.
  • It allows for online application submission, tracking, and communication with FBR.


The FBR Digital Initiatives Portal is a welcome change for IT companies working on POS and e-invoicing systems in Pakistan. It promotes a more efficient and transparent licensing process.


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