IRIS Portal Glitch Hinders Taxpayers’ Ability to Revise Sales Tax Returns

Taxpayers in Pakistan are facing difficulties revising their sales tax returns due to a technical issue with the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) IRIS portal. This glitch prevents them from submitting applications after the standard 120-day revision window.

Understanding Sales Tax Return Revisions:

  • The Sales Tax Act, 1990, grants taxpayers the right to revise their sales tax returns within 120 days of filing (Section 26(3)). This allows for corrections to any errors or omissions.
  • If the revision window closes, taxpayers can still apply for condonation under Section 74 to request an extension for revision.

The IRIS Portal Glitch:

The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has highlighted a problem with the online application process on the IRIS portal. A crucial field requiring a “reference order number” is no longer auto-populating.

  • This reference number acts as a unique identifier for the return being revised.
  • Without this number, taxpayers are unable to submit their condonation applications, effectively hindering the revision process.

Impact on Taxpayers:

The IRIS portal glitch creates a roadblock for taxpayers seeking to rectify their sales tax returns. This can lead to potential penalties or complications if unresolved.

Efforts to Resolve the Issue:

  • The KTBA has brought this issue to the attention of the FBR’s Member (IT) department.
  • They have urged for urgent intervention to fix the glitch and restore the automatic generation of reference order numbers.
  • Numerous complaints have reportedly been filed with the FBR helpline, but a solution is yet to be implemented.

Looking ahead:

This glitch in the IRIS portal poses a challenge for Pakistani taxpayers seeking to revise their sales tax returns. A swift resolution by the FBR is essential to ensure smooth tax filing processes and avoid unnecessary complications for taxpayers.

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