Income Tax Tribunal Overturns Order Against Steel Manufacturer

A steel manufacturer in Lahore has successfully challenged an order issued by the Officer Inland Revenue (OIR) in the Income Tax Tribunal. The Tribunal ruled that the OIR did not follow proper procedures and remanded the case for a fresh hearing.


  • The OIR found the steel manufacturer to be in default during a withholding tax monitoring process.
  • A demand for millions of rupees was raised by the OIR.

Manufacturer’s Arguments:

  • The Commissioner-IR Appeals (higher authority) did not follow proper procedure by upholding the OIR’s order.
  • The transactions in question were not subject to withholding tax.
  • The OIR applied an incorrect flat withholding tax rate.
  • The OIR’s order was issued on a non-working day.
  • The Deputy Commissioner-IR (lower authority) overstepped their jurisdiction.

Tribunal’s Decision:

  • The Tribunal set aside the order issued by the OIR and lower authorities.
  • The case was remanded for a fresh hearing following proper legal procedures.
  • The OIR is required to present supporting evidence for their claims.
  • The taxpayer will be given a full opportunity to be heard during the new proceedings.

Key Takeaways:

  • This case highlights the importance of following proper procedures in tax assessments.
  • Taxpayers have the right to challenge unfair or incorrect tax demands through the Income Tax Tribunal system.
  • The Tribunal serves as an independent body to ensure fair treatment for taxpayers.

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