How to Register in Sales Tax – A Step By Step Guide

Thinking of starting a business in Pakistan? Sales tax registration is crucial! But don’t worry, the process is easier than you think with this guide.

Step 1: Get Ready

  • Gather your details: Business name, address, type (manufacturer or non-manufacturer), acquisition date, main activity, branch details (if any), bank account details, and utility meter numbers (gas & electricity).
  • Take pictures: Capture your business premises and, if you’re a manufacturer, your machinery and utility meters.

Step 2: Register Online

  1. Head to Iris Portal: Log in with your credentials. If you don’t have them, register first.
  2. Find the Form: Select “Form 14(1) (Simplified Sales Tax Registration)” in the Registration menu.
  3. Fill it Up: Provide the information you gathered in Step 1. Upload your pictures and bank account certificate.
  4. Submit & Wait: Once you submit, your registration request will be processed.

Step 3: Verify Yourself 

  • Visit NADRA: Head to an e-Sahulat Center within 30 days for biometric verification.
  • Stay Active: Failure to verify will remove you from the Sales Tax Active Taxpayer List.

Bonus Step: Extra Verification for Manufacturers

The Board might conduct additional verification through field visits or authorized third parties. Be prepared to provide any missing documents if requested.

Mobile App Option:

Sales tax registration is also available on the Iris Mobile and Tax Asaan Mobile apps. Check their dedicated guides for specific instructions.

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