How to Pay SRB Taxes?

Operating a business in Sindh and providing taxable services? Understanding how to pay your Sindh Sales Tax (SST) is crucial for compliance and avoiding penalties. This article delves into Section 16 of the Sindh Sales Tax Act to guide you through the process.

When is SST Due?

  • You must pay SST for taxable services provided during a tax period by the due date prescribed by the Board.
  • The specific due date is announced by the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) and is usually within the month following the tax period.

Determining the Tax Period:

  • Your taxable service is considered provided in the earliest of these three stages:
    • Service rendered to the recipient.
    • Invoice issued to the recipient for the service value.
    • Payment received for the service.

Special Cases and Flexibility:

  • The Board may issue notifications specifying alternative ways, modes, or times for paying SST for specific services.
  • Stay updated on such notifications to ensure compliance.

Payment Methods:

  • You have two primary options for paying your SST:
    • Direct deposit: Make a deposit at a bank designated by the Board.
    • Other methods: The Board may announce alternative payment methods, so stay informed.


  • Timely and accurate payment of SST is crucial for avoiding penalties and legal complications.
  • Consult with a tax advisor for personalized guidance and ensure compliance with all regulations.

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