How to Pay SRB Taxes with Easy Paisa and U-Paisa: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paying your SRB taxes just got easier with the convenient options of Easy Paisa and U-Paisa! This guide walks you through the process for both services, helping you make seamless online payments using your mobile wallet:

General Payment Flow:

  1. Log in to your Easy Paisa/U-Paisa app.
  2. Locate the “Bill Payment” option. In Easy Paisa, this might be under “Services” or a dedicated “Bill Payment” section. In U-Paisa, it’s directly under “Payment.”
  3. Navigate to the “1-Bill” or “Others” section. Easy Paisa has a dedicated “1-Bill” option, while U-Paisa requires you to choose “Others” first.

Using Easy Paisa:

  1. Select “1 Bill Invoice/Voucher.”
  2. Enter your Prefix + ADC ID in the “Consumer No” field. This information can be found on your ADC (1-Bill) PSID document.
  3. Click “Next.” The ADC ID and PSID amount will be displayed.
  4. Check the details and press “Pay Now.”
  5. Verify the transaction using your Easy Paisa MPIN. You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful payment.

Using U-Paisa:

  1. Select “Voucher Payment.”
  2. Enter your Prefix + ADC ID in the “Consumer No” field.
  3. Click “Submit.” The ADC ID and PSID amount will be displayed.
  4. Double-check the details and press “Confirm.”
  5. Enter your U-Paisa PIN for verification. You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful payment.

Important Notes:

  • CPR Generation: While you might receive a successful transaction message within minutes, the CPR (challan payment receipt) can take up to 30 minutes to generate. Don’t panic if it doesn’t appear immediately.
  • Double-check details: Always carefully verify your Prefix + ADC ID before confirming payment.
  • Technical issues: If you encounter any problems during the process, contact Easy Paisa or U-Paisa customer support for assistance.
  • Alternative payment methods: You can also use other 1-Bill/1-Link options like Jazz Cash or your online bank account for similar payment procedures.

By following these simple steps, you can now make your SRB tax payments quickly and conveniently using Easy Paisa or U-Paisa. Say goodbye to long queues and embrace the ease of mobile wallet payments!

Additional Tips:

  • Save your ADC (1-Bill) PSID document for future reference.
  • Consider setting up reminders for upcoming tax payment deadlines.
  • Familiarize yourself with the features and fees associated with your chosen mobile wallet service.

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