How to Get Your SadaPay Tax Certificate for Tax Filing?

As the 2024 tax filing season approaches, having your SadaPay tax certificate is crucial. This document details the Withholding Tax (WHT) deducted from your SadaPay transactions throughout the year. Here’s a comprehensive guide on acquiring your SadaPay tax certificate:

Current Process for SadaPay Tax Certificates:

Unlike some other mobile wallets, SadaPay doesn’t offer direct access to tax certificates within their app (as of now). However, fret not! You can still obtain your certificate easily through their in-app chat support.

Steps to Get Your SadaPay Tax Certificate:

  1. Open the SadaPay App: Launch the SadaPay app on your smartphone.
  2. Access In-App Chat: Locate the section for contacting SadaPay’s customer support team. This might be labeled “Help,” “Support,” or a similar option (refer to your specific app version).
  3. Initiate a Chat: Once you find the support section, initiate a chat with a customer service representative.
  4. Request Your Tax Certificate: Clearly state your request for a “Tax Certificate” in the chat window.
  5. Provide Necessary Information: The support representative might ask for additional details to verify your account. Be prepared to provide information like your registered phone number or email address associated with your SadaPay account.
  6. Delivery Timeline: Expect to receive your tax certificate electronically within 5 working days through the in-app chat conversation.

Alternative for Account Statements (Optional):

While directly requesting a tax certificate is the recommended approach, you can also consider acquiring your account statement for the relevant tax year (July 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2024). This statement might not explicitly state the deducted WHT amount, but you can potentially calculate it by reviewing your transaction history.

Here’s how to request your SadaPay account statement (if preferred):

  1. Follow steps 1-3 mentioned above to access the in-app chat with SadaPay support.
  2. Request Your Account Statement: Specify your request for an “Account Statement” for the desired tax year (July 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2024).
  3. Delivery Timeline: Similar to tax certificates, account statements are also delivered electronically through the in-app chat, usually within 24 hours.


  • Having your SadaPay tax certificate simplifies tax filing by providing the exact WHT deducted from your account throughout the year.
  • Include the WHT amount mentioned in your tax certificate when filing your 2024 tax return.
  • WHT rates for SadaPay transactions are as follows (as of July 1st, 2024):
    • 5% for filers (individuals who have filed tax returns in previous years)
    • 10% for non-filers

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