Documents Required for Filing Your Returns in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Living in Azad Jammu & Kashmir? Then this is your one-stop guide to understanding and fulfilling your tax obligations with the AJK Inland Revenue Department (AJKIRD).

Who Needs to File Tax Returns?

If you hold an NTN (National Tax Number) and earn income from:

  • Salary: Whether you’re a government employee, work in the private sector, or receive a pension.
  • Business: Any income generated through business activities, including sole proprietorships and partnerships.
  • Property: Owning property within AJK, regardless of its usage (residential, commercial, etc.).

Filing Deadlines:

Mark your calendars! You have until September 30th of each year to file your tax returns.

Filing Methods:

Choose your preferred method:

  • Manual: Submit your completed forms and supporting documents at AJKIRD offices.
  • Online: Utilize the IRIS portal for a convenient and secure experience.

Tax Payment: Taxes can be paid;

  • At the time of filing: Settle your dues alongside your return submission.
  • Through Withholding Tax: If applicable, your employer or other income source might already deduct tax at source.

Required Documents:

Be prepared with these documents when filing:

  • Bank statements: Reflecting your income and expenses.
  • Salary slips or income proofs: For salary earners and pensioners.
  • Investment statements: If you have invested in stocks, bonds, etc.
  • Asset details: List all assets held in your name, including property and gifts received.

Additional Points:

  • Failure to file returns or pay taxes can lead to penalties and legal action.
  • Seeking professional guidance from tax advisors is recommended for complex situations.
  • Stay updated on AJKIRD regulations and announcements for any changes.


Filing your taxes is crucial for contributing to the development and infrastructure of AJK. By understanding your obligations and following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and compliant tax experience.

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