FBR Assembles Team to Spearhead Digital Transformation of Pakistan’s Tax System

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced the formation of a dedicated team to oversee the digital transformation of the country’s tax system. This initiative marks a significant step towards a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly tax administration process.

A Collaborative Effort for Digitalization

This project stems from a broader agreement between the FBR and Karandaaz Pakistan, a prominent player in driving financial and digital inclusion within the nation. The newly formed team comprises seasoned FBR officials alongside a representative from Karandaaz, fostering a collaborative approach to this transformative project.

Meet the Team Leading the Charge

Muhammad Khalid Jamil, a BS-20 officer from the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), takes the helm as Project Director. He’s joined by Zain-ul-Abidin Sahi (Chief of IT Systems), Arshad Nawaz Chheena (Chief of Revenue Operations), Ms. Bushra Jaffar (Reforms & Modernization Wing), and Mohammad Iqbal Khan (Director of Point of Sale Systems, Directorate General of Digital Initiatives). Usman Kokab of Karandaaz will act as the bridge between the FBR and the private sector.

Guiding Principles for Project Success

This high-powered team shoulders the responsibility of managing the entire digital transformation project, from its inception to successful completion. Their focus areas include:

  • Strict adherence to timelines: Ensuring the project stays on schedule.
  • Deliverable-oriented execution: Delivering tangible results as planned.
  • Quality standard compliance: Maintaining a high standard of quality throughout.
  • Seamless stakeholder coordination: Fostering smooth collaboration among all parties involved.

Driving Benefits Through Digitalization

The digitalization of the tax system is projected to bring several advantages to Pakistan:

  • Enhanced Tax Collection: Improved taxpayer compliance is expected to lead to increased revenue collection.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: Real-time data integration will empower informed decision-making regarding tax policy and enforcement.
  • Reduced Bureaucracy: Streamlined processes will eliminate unnecessary red tape in tax processing.
  • Improved Taxpayer Experience: A user-friendly system will make it easier for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations.
  • Positive Tax Culture Shift: Overall tax compliance is anticipated to improve with a more efficient system.

A Commitment to Transparency and Reform

The FBR emphasizes its commitment to reforming tax administration in Pakistan through digitalization. This project aligns with global best practices, aiming for efficiency, transparency, and a taxpayer-centric approach.

A Hallmark for Digital Governance

This initiative signifies a critical step in the government’s economic reform agenda, promoting digital financial services and inclusion. Partnering with Karandaaz, a leader in digital and financial solutions, demonstrates the FBR’s dedication to adopting cutting-edge technology for modernization.

The FBR assures the public of ongoing updates on project progress and achieved milestones. This project not only reflects the FBR’s commitment to operational excellence but also sets a precedent for other government departments, paving the way for a more digitalized governance structure in Pakistan.

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