Don’t Leave Money on the Table: A Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Income Tax Refund

Earning a tax refund can be a welcome surprise, but securing it requires understanding the rules and navigating the process effectively. This guide unravels the key information and steps involved in claiming your due tax refund.


  • Electronically Filed Return: Only electronically filed returns are eligible for refunds. Manual returns don’t qualify.
  • Clear Indication: Your refund amount must be clearly reflected in your Iris-based income tax return.
  • Timeline: You can claim the refund either:
    • Immediately: File a separate application in Iris after submitting your return. Track the status through your relevant Regional Tax Office (RTO).
    • Later: File within two years from the return filing date, the assessment date, or the tax payment date, whichever is later.

Delays and Exclusions:

  • Active Taxpayer List (ATL): Missing ATL inclusion during the relevant period can delay your refund without compensation.
  • Manual Processing: Updating your Iris profile with complete bank IBAN details expedites electronic transfers and minimizes reliance on cheque processing.

Additional Points:

  • Centralized online payment systems are in place for faster refunds.
  • Remember, claiming a refund is your right, so follow the process diligently.

Key Takeaways:

  • File your return electronically and ensure your refund amount is reflected in Iris.
  • Claim the refund immediately through Iris or wait within the two-year window.
  • Ensure ATL inclusion and update your Iris profile with complete bank IBAN details.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the RTO or a tax professional if needed.

By following these guidelines and staying informed, you can claim your income tax refund efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

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