Documents Required for Registering Sales Tax with PRA

Operating a business in Punjab, Pakistan, requires compliance with various regulations, including Sales Tax registration with the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA). This article serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses to understand the required documents and process for successful registration.

Documents Required:

  1. Registration Application Form: Obtain and complete the official application form from the PRA website or office.
  2. Taxpayer Identification:
    • Individual: Provide a copy of your National Tax Number (NTN) certificate and your CNIC.
    • Association of Persons (AOP): Submit a copy of your AOP’s NTN certificate and partnership deed.
    • Company: Provide a copy of your company’s NTN certificate, SECP registration certificate, and Form 29. Additionally, include CNIC copies of all directors.
  3. Business Registration:
    • Registration Certificate or License: Present a copy of your registration or license issued by the relevant regulatory body.
  4. Business Proof:
    • Utility Bills: Submit copies of your most recent utility bills (electricity, gas, phone) for the business premises or taxpayer residence.
  5. Financial Documentation:
    • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate: Provide a certificate confirming the existence of your business bank account.
    • Bank Statements: Include copies of all your business bank statements for the past six months.
  6. Property Proof:
    • Ownership or Tenancy Documents: Show proof of ownership or tenancy for your business premises.
  7. Business Stationery:
    • Letterhead: Submit a copy of your business letterhead clearly displaying your mobile/phone number, email address, and postal address.

Additional Notes:

  • For online registration, scan and submit all documents in ZIP format to PRA official email address.
  • Ensure all documents are clear, legible copies.
  • No registration will be processed without complete documentation.
  • Verify the business name and address on your NTN, letterhead, and utility bills match for consistency.
  • Keep copies of submitted documents for your records.
  • Consult a tax advisor for personalized guidance and ensure compliance.

By following these guidelines and gathering the necessary documents, you can streamline your Sales Tax registration process with PRA. Remember, timely compliance is crucial for avoiding penalties and ensuring smooth business operations.

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