Demystifying Your FBR IRIS MIS: A Taxpayer’s Guide

The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) IRIS portal empowers taxpayers with a one-stop shop for managing their tax affairs. Within the Management Information System (MIS), you can access a range of valuable information about your tax status and obligations. This article explains each key section of the FBR IRIS MIS, helping you navigate your tax journey with confidence.

Understanding Your Tax Footprint:

  • Foreign Assets: This section provides details of any foreign assets you have declared, such as bank accounts, properties, or investments held outside Pakistan.
  • FCY Domestic: Here, you can view information on any foreign currency (FCY) accounts you maintain within Pakistan.
  • Domestic Assets: This section details your domestically held assets, including property, vehicles, and other valuables declared to the FBR.

Engaging with the Tax Authority:

  • E-Hearing: The MIS allows you to view details of any upcoming e-hearings scheduled by the FBR regarding your tax matters. This online platform facilitates communication and reduces the need for physical appearances.
  • Payment Details: This section provides a record of your tax payments made through the IRIS portal. You can access payment history, download challans (payment slips), and track any outstanding tax liabilities.

Managing Your Tax Compliance:

  • Pending AOP Verification: The Annual Operating Plan (AOP) outlines your projected income and taxable activities for the year. This section indicates if your submitted AOP requires further verification by the FBR.
  • Action Plan Execution: The MIS might display any action plans assigned to you by the FBR. These plans could involve completing specific tax filings, submitting additional documents, or addressing any discrepancies in your tax returns.

Empowering Yourself as a Taxpayer:

By actively monitoring your FBR IRIS MIS, you gain greater control over your tax obligations. Here’s how this information empowers you:

  • Maintaining Accurate Records: The MIS allows you to verify and reconcile your declared assets and income with the FBR’s records.
  • Timely Payment and Compliance: Easy access to payment details and upcoming deadlines ensures you stay on top of your tax liabilities and avoid penalties.
  • Proactive Engagement: Information on e-hearings and action plans helps you address any potential tax issues promptly and efficiently.


The FBR IRIS portal offers various resources and guides to assist you with tax filing and compliance. For any further clarification or assistance, consult us for free consultancy. By leveraging the FBR IRIS MIS and seeking professional guidance when needed, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free tax filing experience.

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