Avoid Bank Account Trouble! FBR Rule for Taxpayers Leaving Pakistan

This article explains an important rule for Pakistani taxpayers planning to leave the country.

Key Rule:

  • Section 145 of the Income Tax Ordinance requires residents leaving Pakistan to inform the FBR Commissioner 15 days before departure.

Why is this Important?

  • FBR is actively targeting non-filers and filers alike.
  • Notices are being sent via mobile, email, and even calls.
  • Ignoring notices can lead to:
    • Disconnection of bank accounts and utilities.
    • Automatic recovery of tax dues from your bank account.
    • Difficulty accessing bank accounts if a recovery order exists.

What to Do Before Leaving:

  • File your income tax return, if not already done.
  • Inform the FBR Commissioner 15 days before your departure.

Additional Considerations:

  • Even non-residents with outstanding tax dues can face consequences.
  • There might be future policies linking bank accounts to tax recovery.


Being aware of this rule protects you from potential complications while traveling. File your taxes and inform FBR before leaving Pakistan to avoid issues with bank accounts and automatic recovery of tax dues.

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